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Live: OUR LAST NIGHT // Electric Ballroom, London

It may have been a while since Our Last Night made their last live appearance, but this only worked in the band’s favour as it fuelled an unforgettable performance at London’s Electric Ballroom on Thursday night.

Jumping around, there was never a still moment and the band knew exactly how to capture everyone’s attention. Calling for mosh pits and crowdsurfers, the crowd was worked into a frenzy as everyone jumped and sang along. Tender tracks such as White Tiger and Sunrise balanced out the more explosive moments of the set, which came in the form of Ivory Tower and Dark Storms. Coming into the crowd at points, it was clear that the band and the crowd fed off each other’s adrenaline to create a memorable night whose blistering energy will be remembered for a while.

Check out our photo gallery below.

Photos: Athena Kam