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VERA BLUE Releases New Single ‘All The Pretty Girls’

Singer-songwriter Vera Blue makes a return with brand new single All The Pretty Girls.

Vera Blue 2018

All The Pretty Girls is a whimsical, vocally driven track that pushes Vera Blue’s powerful voice in the spotlight.

The track shows off an experimental side of the singer and gives a quick taste of what is to come. On the subject of the new track, Vera Blue says:

It’s basically just a little playful song that is also empowering. I feel really excited about it and I just can’t wait to play it live. I feel like a lot of people can probably connect to it because it’s kind of a self-protection song.

You can listen to the wonderful new song below.

The vocalist also recently released ‘Lady Powers Live At The Forum’, a 16-track recording taken from her sold-out show at The Forum in Melbourne back in June. The Lady Powers tour became a massive round off to an incredible year for Vera Blue, who released her debut album, Perennial, in July 2017 which now nears 100 million streams online.