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ALFIE TEMPLEMAN Releases Video for ‘Yellow Flowers’

Feeling quite cold? No worries, the newest video from Alfie Templeman will warm you right up (it’ll warm your heart, at least).


The Bedfordshire teen Alfie Templeman puts us all to shame when we think of what we were doing at the age of 15. We definitely were not writing tender indie hits that made people’s hearts all woozy. Or creating stunning music videos, as he has done with Yellow Flowers, taken off his debut EP Like An Animal.

The video sees the talented teen playing all the instruments you hear on the track, as was the case when he recorded his EP. Between his one-man band show, his friends and his grandfather pop in and out of frames, giving it a relaxed atmosphere that is helped by the cosy settings of his grandfather’s house. It’s endearingly mundane, with tea breaks and an interruption from the doorbell which causes Alfie to pause his music.

In explaining the video, Alfie says:

Shooting ‘Yellow Flowers’ was such a brilliant experience as I was surrounded with my family at one of my favourite places – my grandad’s home. I think it really captures the image of how I record, that homely and countryside vibe myself and the crew set out for.