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LITTLE WHITE THINGS Dazzle with New Single ‘In The Fire’

A stirring cut of indie-pop, the newest single from Little White Things is sure to lodge itself into your brain.

Little White Things 2018

Little White Things, a duo formed of Dubliner David Behan and Swedish-born Max Bergstrom, will heat things up with their glittering new single In The Fire. Laden with a confident attitude that is evident as they assert ‘you’re on my side now, no matter what they say’, it shines a light on modern friendships, relationships, and general interactions between people in the modern age.

Synth lines zig zag across rousing guitar lines, full of life as they cascade down, and the stirring mixture of bounding electronics and thrilling instrumentals make for a catchy blend that will linger in your mind. Sourcing inspiration from different sources, this is clear in the exuberant track as it straddles multiple genres, generating a sound unique to the duo.

Written over Christmas last year, originally on a 4-track with just a drum machine and an acoustic guitar at his fingers, David explains:

Once we’d brought the song into the studio, it was quickly taken over by Parisian inspiration; the home of love, fire and fuzzy embrace.

Providing a bit more detail, the band says:

In The Fire is our interpretation of the human relationship and how it continues to evolve whilst staying completely the same and how we all just might love that. Depending on your definition of love.