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5 SECONDS OF SUMMER Reveal New Version of ‘Lie To Me’

Christmas has either come early or come late, depending on how you want to look at it. Either way, 5 Seconds Of Summer have brought all of the gifts.

5SOS 2019

We don’t know if the Aussies got the memo that Christmas is now over, but either way we’re not complaining about the double treat from 5 Seconds Of Summer. Releasing a new version of Lie To Me featuring Julia Michaels, and sharing a music video for the track, the band sure knows how to spoil their fans.

Taken from their latest album Youngblood, the track has already amassed over 60 million streams, and this figure is only going to keep rising because it’s impossible not to hit the repeat button on this irresistible track. The new version of Lie To Me with Julia Michaels brings an extra dimension to the track; as a song about heartbreak, Julia’s contrasting vocals bring out a different perspective of the story.

Meanwhile, the dizzying video is set on a racetrack and slowly builds up to a climax of a car exploding. As cars whiz by the band, it’s clear that only pain and heartbreak is on their mind as they deliver an impassioned performance, surrounded by fire after two cars collide into the automobile that vocalist Luke Hemmings was sitting in.