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Artist Of The Week // ADAM FRENCH

Get ready to grow a soft spot for our artist of the week, Adam French. His tracks are sure to touch your heart with their rawness and bring a warmth that is much appreciated in this cold season.

Adam French 2019

Singer-songwriter Adam French is sure to captivate you with his newest single and video for The Only Living Thing.

A track that strings together the yearning and love found in a relationship, it’s a stunning gem that draws upon a subtle sensitivity to explore the depths of feelings. From Adam’s heartfelt vocals to the cinematic accompaniment, all the different aspects come together to create an evocative atmosphere that will wholly encapsulate you.

The visuals are every bit as endearing as the track, and the ending is sure to leave you wiping away your tears. Starring Charley Palmer Rothwell (Dunkirk, Darkest Hour), it follows the narrative of a man who goes about his daily life with a mannequin as his companion and nods towards feelings of loneliness.

Explaining the track, Adam says:

The track is about realisation, that everything you previously had was all that you ever needed and more. Two people sharing the same pain, coming to terms with the fact that they might need to look backwards in order to move forwards. Love is an interesting beast. I’ve always been fond of videos that tell love stories in interesting ways, but this one’s different for so many reasons. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to longing for companionship.

With a debut album coming out later this year, we decided to ask Adam a few questions about the track and the album.

What’s one living thing (could be a pet or a person) that you can’t live without? Why?

I guess it has to be my tree! Although in all seriousness, there are many people in my life that I couldn’t live without… They all know why.

More generally, what is something you can’t live without? 

Sun cream.

Seeing as The Only Living Thing is concerned with love, what is your funniest memory of love? 

Oh dear, I have a fair few terrible relationship stories, not that I’d ever tell them… not sure how funny those in question would find reading that kinda gossip back on here if it were about them.

If you could set The Only Living Thing to a movie, what movie would you choose and why? 

Donnie Darko. My favourite movie … I’m sure we could fit it in somewhere.

What inspired the cover art for your upcoming album, The Back Foot And The Rapture

The tree’s been the focal point of my artwork since the first photo of it I took for the Weightless EP, so it felt right to include it on my album, but also to allow the idea to evolve a little… Creating an image that suggested co-dependency seemed appropriate.

What is your favourite lyric off upcoming album, and why? 

Probably ‘be the only living thing I care about’ … I think there’s a lot to be said for ditching opinions that shouldn’t matter. Thank you for having me. x

Catch Adam on tour later this year.


26 – Manchester, Band on The Wall

28 – Brighton, Green Door Store

29 – Nottingham, Beta (Rock City)


01 – London, OSLO

03 – Glasgow, The Garage (Attic Bar)

05 – Dublin, The Sound House