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Artist Of The Week // PIXEY

Sunshine State is the latest single from Pixey that will rejuvenate and uplift you. It’s easy to stick with our same outlook on life when nothing drastic changes, as we get by the day-to-day with established routines and formed habit, but this all shifted for

Abby Sage

Artist Of The Week // ABBY SAGE

With whimsical narratives and tender vocals, Abby Sage is an artist who will find her way into the depths of your feelings and provide a gentle companion for all of your daily woes. Having watched her dad perform around Toronto, the musical influence started early

Ani Brava - Origami

Artist Of The Week // ANI BRAVA

Poised with delicate piano melodies and ethereal vocals, Origami is the stunning new release from Ani Brava. Floating between Tokyo and Los Angeles, Ani Brava is a musical newcomer who brings a honeyed blend of laid-back rhythms and docile tones. Having been honing her skills


Artist Of The Week // URL

Shimmering synths and wavy textures transport you to the blissful sonic world of url, and his newest track honey is not a place you would be in a hurry to leave. Orlando-based producer and singer url is returning with his new single honey, a glistening

Danny George 2021

Artist Of The Week // DANNY GEORGE

Refining his signature sound, Danny George shares his sophomore EP Romance In High Definition. Producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Danny George is here to charm with his kaleidoscopic sophomore EP Romance In High Definition. Taking us across a navigation of relationships across the spectrum, from burgeoning


Artist Of The Week // TIM SCHOU

Emerging pop musician Tim Schou shares the video for HERO/LOSER, the focus track from his debut album. Scandinavian pop artist Tim Schou is establishing himself as an exciting, emerging name on the pop scene as he captivates our hearts with an irresistibly fun and bouncy


Artist Of The Week // EVEY

Sharing her debut single Nothing, Evey makes an introduction you can’t forget. Copenhagen-based indie artist Evey is the newest talent to grace the indie scene, as she makes her introduction with infectious single Nothing. Bringing airy, feel-good melodies and charming vocals that draw upon her

The Satellite Station 2020


Guided by his own life experiences and the profound accompanying emotions, The Satellite Station creates music that will stir and rouse your innermost feelings. All of us experience the highs and lows of life, and part of it is learning how to embrace events as

Wallice 2021

Artist Of The Week // WALLICE

Musing upon growing pains in her newest single 23, Wallice shows herself to be a relatable voice for the generation of today. Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Wallice shows herself to be a relatable voice in a world of polished social media accounts and seemingly flawless profiles,

Tim Chadwick 2021

Artist Of The Week // TIM CHADWICK

Rising Irish star Tim Chadwick shares the exciting announcement that he will be releasing a new EP, Timothy, on March 12th. Irish musician Tim Chadwick has just shared news of his newest musical chapter, which will come in the form of upcoming EP Timothy. Following