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Artist Of The Week // AU/RA

Reflecting upon the experience of being a teenager in today’s society, Au/Ra shares gripping new track plz don’t waste my youth. Simply being a teenager nowadays is no easy achievement; against a backdrop of constant posting on social media, pressures from our family and a

Alix Page

Artist Of The Week // ALIX PAGE

Charming with soft guitars and murmuring vocals, Alix Page gets honest on Radiohead. Southern-Californian Alix Page offers a tale of heartbreak and tenderness in her latest single, Radiohead. The track is the second to be taken from her forthcoming debut EP Old News, which is

Devon Again

Artist Of The Week // DEVON AGAIN

With a bubblegum pop sound and an ebullient character, Devon Again charms with newest single Burn Down. Los Angeles-based musician Devon Again brings some sunshine into our life against the creeping cold of winter with her newest single Burn Down. Having hailed from Denver, the

Tadhg Daly

Artist Of The Week // TADHG DALY

With stories lifted from his own experiences, Forever Young is the touching debut EP from Tadhg Daly. Irish musician Tadhg Daly has been on our radar for a while now, with each single released continuing to build the anticipation around the artist. Having already teased

Harvey Jay Dodgson 2021

Artist Of The Week // HARVEY JAY DODGSON

Forging a trail ahead, Harvey Jay Dodgson shares his blazing debut single Caroline. 19-year-old Harvey Jay Dodgson brings a big sound from his hometown in Portsmouth – even prior to officially releasing music, he’s caught people’s attention and played the Isle of Wight Festival. Well,

Ida Laurberg

Artist Of The Week // IDA LAURBERG

Canvassing music for her unspoken feelings, Ida Laurberg gets honest in Personal Letters. Danish songstress Ida Laurberg claims to have ‘never written a happy song’, but the sweeping intensity of her emotions brings an irresistible charge and magnetism to her tracks. Her heart and authenticity

Robert Grace 2021

Artist Of The Week // ROBERT GRACE

Exploring the all-too-common feeling of reconnecting with your ex after a few too many drinks, Break The Silence is the relatable new single from Robert Grace. We’ve all either been there ourselves, or heard tales about it; two people break up over a toxic relationship,

Oscar Welsh 2021

Artist Of The Week // OSCAR WELSH

Sharing his highly anticipated sophomore EP, Aestival, Oscar Welsh provides the soundtrack for the new generation. UK’s DIY-music scene has always had strong roots, and its flowing creativity has never ceased to provide fresh offerings to engage in. It continues to show itself as alive

Matilda Cole

Artist Of The Week // MATILDA COLE

Allowing her vulnerable side to shine through, Matilda Cole’s honest songwriting style will melt your heart. Up-and-coming indie songstress Matilda Cole isn’t the first female indie musician to be achingly honest and raw about her emotions, but it still doesn’t make the intensity of her

Mina Okabe

Artist Of The Week // MINA OKABE

Charming you with her angelic vocals and woozy nostalgia, Mina Okabe delights with her debut album Better Days. It’s a tricky thing to get debut albums just right, as they’re the first full taste that we get of a musician’s offering and the only chance