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The Satellite Station 2020


Guided by his own life experiences and the profound accompanying emotions, The Satellite Station creates music that will stir and rouse your innermost feelings. All of us experience the highs and lows of life, and part of it is learning how to embrace events as

Wallice 2021

Artist Of The Week // WALLICE

Musing upon growing pains in her newest single 23, Wallice shows herself to be a relatable voice for the generation of today. Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Wallice shows herself to be a relatable voice in a world of polished social media accounts and seemingly flawless profiles,

Tim Chadwick 2021

Artist Of The Week // TIM CHADWICK

Rising Irish star Tim Chadwick shares the exciting announcement that he will be releasing a new EP, Timothy, on March 12th. Irish musician Tim Chadwick has just shared news of his newest musical chapter, which will come in the form of upcoming EP Timothy. Following

Kynsy 2021

Artist Of The Week // KYNSY

Delve into the world of make-believe with Kynsy’s debut EP, as she explores our pursuit of Things That Don’t Exist. Our fascination with chasing after non-existent ideals and pursuing abstract concepts is nothing novel but they seem to have reached a new height in the

Sam Johnson 2021

Artist Of The Week // SAM JOHNSON

British singer-songwriter Sam Johnson returns with a brand new EP, Are We There Yet?, and explores themes of growing up and the innocent times of childhood. London-based musician Sam Johnson reflects upon the tumultuous period of growing up, and reminisces upon the much simpler times

Circe 2020

Artist Of The Week // CIRCE

Bringing you the urgent and pressing soundtrack for a womxn living in the #metoo and #timesup era, Circe shows herself as a force to be reckoned with. Being a female in 2020 isn’t exactly the easiest thing; although issues of misogyny are not as bad

ROZET 2020

Artist Of The Week // ROZET

Bringing an urgent message in an even more pressing sound, ROZET sets to shatter what you thought you knew with her newest single RIGAMAROLE. As much as we would like it to be so, the world isn’t full of sunshine and daisies. Especially as polarised

Medium Build 2020

Artist Of The Week // MEDIUM BUILD

With a charming and lush sound, Medium Build is here to soothe all of your emotional needs and join you in your feelings with Good At Being Lonely. Alaskan musician Nick Carpenter, aka Medium Build, wasn’t the only person to have been taken by surprise


Artist Of The Week // UPSAHL

With a swaggering confidence and no-nonsense mentality, UPSAHL is the badass female role model that we can all benefit from in our lives. There’s something extremely empowering and inspiring about women who don’t buy into distractions and falsities, and UPSAHL takes the throne with her


Artist Of The Week // SYDNEY SPRAGUE

Feeling sick of being the second choice and not being valued for who you are? You’re not alone in the feeling; join Sydney Sprague in her newest single steve. Sydney Sprague is the newest artist that you should get yourself acquainted with. Having signed to