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POTTY MOUTH Unveil New Video for ’22’

If you’re struggling to come to terms with being 22, Potty Mouth can share in your woes. 

Potty Mouth 2019

Punk rock trio Potty Mouth know all too well that being 22 isn’t all glamorous, as they share their newest video for 22. The track is the lead single off the band’s forthcoming sophomore album SNAFU, which stands for Situation Normal All Fucked Up, and the album will be released on March 1st via Get Better Records.

Repeatedly crooning ‘Don’t want to wake up 22’, the lyrics almost don’t match the vibrant energy of the accompaniment and you could be mistaken by thinking this is an upbeat belter when you first listen to it. Exploring the boredom and alienation specifically pertaining to the age of 22, the video represents this by showing each band member in their own isolated ecosystem, in their own season. As the members move up and change around, it culminates in a finale of destroying the set – not so surprising considering that they are a punk band.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Abby Weems mentions:

I really liked being 22. It felt like a fun age and our band did a lot in that time, so it was really exciting. But … it felt like an age where I suddenly needed to become more of an adult.