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ARLO PARKS Shares New Single ‘Super Sad Generation’

Captivating teenager Arlo Parks returns with stunning new track,Super Sad Generation.

Arlo Parks 2019

Super Sad Generation is a look into Arlo Parks‘ peers and the people around her that is done in the effortlessly cool way, but of course.

Picking up where she left with her previous single Cola, Arlo Parks completely hypnotises you with her gorgeous vocals, delivering a social commentary. She defiantly is going to make 2019 her year and we’ll be keeping a close eye on this London artist as she reaches new heights.

Arlo Parks explains:

When I look at my generation I see a kaleidoscope of dejection, passion and anxiety – there’s this strange mix of sadness and intimacy that saturates generation Z. Super Sad Generation was inspired by the time my friends and I sat on the green at sunset, half wine drunk and ugly crying for no reason in particular. We talked for hours about ghosts, disappointing our parents and depression. Everyone I loved seemed so angry and sick and aggressively alive, I’ll never forget that evening. On the bus ride home I wrote the poem that would eventually become Super Sad Generation – a reflection on how a lot of things break and a lot of people get hurt during adolescence.