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LEYMA Releases New Single ‘ExtraExtra’

The newest single from Leyma is a stunning cut, with R&B beats speckled against a lyrical backdrop. 

Leyma 2019

East London’s Leyma (born Max Hanley) questions our attachment to our phones and other forms of modern technology in his newest single ExtraExtra.

Combining sharp lyrics with his unique sound, it’s a track that’ll have you thinking deeply whilst simultaneously jamming out. Bringing in elements of hip-hop, R&B, indie, and more, this cutting and blending of multiple genres lends itself to a sound that’s familiar yet refreshing.

Speaking about the track, Leyma says:

I liked the old imagery of newspapers and taking a step back from being in front of the screens that we surround ourselves with every day.  Becoming 18 and seeing how much instagram or whatever rules the people I know, me included, sort of opened my eyes a bit. I think the way we rely on our phones and constant communication with everyone’s a bit jarring. I’d be a hypocrite to say I don’t use my phone all the time, because I do, but ExtraExtra is asking whether it’s helping us or hindering us.

These topics aren’t really vocalised enough. We all “wake up and (I) say nothing”, but I do think that everyone sort of knows what’s happening isn’t healthy. With the line “I wonder what life was like on a landline”, I can only really imagine that everything was different. That mental health among the youth wasn’t as prominent. That you had more time to go do things “instead of focus on the timeline”. I won’t ever know, but it’s mad thinking about how recently that was. I know how comparing yourself to other people can fuck you up, talking first hand. The thing is, that’s just what social media is now just a bragging platform, where we all take ourselves too seriously, a toxic place to be.

Being adolescent is difficult enough, without this constant judgement of who you are and what you’re doing. I feel for the people who are 14 right now, dealing with all that stress.