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Live: PALACE // Village Underground, London

Mesmerising from start to finish, Palace’s hometown show was truly worth the wait.

Despite staying under the radar for the last few years, Palace certainly have not been wasting any time. Returning with news on their sophomore album, Life After, set to be released on July 12th, the band headed out on a string of UK dates, and from the moment I entered the venue it became clear how much they had been missed.

Taking to the stage at Village Underground for a sold out show, Palace treated us to a fantastic set which consisted of old school songs as well as their brand new material. Wowing the crowd with every note and every beat, they filled the room with an ethereal feel bringing back the spark that had been warming hearts ever since they released their debut EP, Lost In The Night, in 2014.

Palace have their way of making everything feel so light and heavenly, despite tackling heavier themes in their songs at times. Creating music that resonates within you, the shows they put on are sure to linger in your memory for a longer while. With a spiritual quality added to the live experience, the band’s energy is simply palpable and that quickly transforms onto the crowds.

Bringing their genuine passion and honesty to the forefront, Palace had the crowd in the palms of their hands throughout the whole evening. From crisp guitars and soaring vocals in So Long Forever, to swaying mellow melodies in Live Well, their immaculate and sharp songwriting skills effortlessly translated into the live setting. With fan favourites It’s Over and Bitter ricocheting off the walls, it was only a matter of time until many voices joined in for a loud singalong. 

Gearing up to release their new album, the band also took the opportunity to play new songs live. With their signature melodic warmth, Heaven Up There charmed with its soothing vocal harmonies and flourishing soundscape, whilst No Other sent a more promising message, expanding the band’s sonic ability to channel all their emotions into the urgent instrumentation.

Finding hope even in the darkest of places, Palace have always managed to balance the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’, however you wish to interpret these concepts. Learning from hardships and loss whilst looking forward to the future, they’ve never lost their optimism along the way. Their music possesses the power to bring out passion and joy in you, and that’s exactly why people continue to reach for it. And their live shows are simply a representation of that statement.

Photos: Kasia Osowiecka