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CITY PARK Share Mesmerising New Cut ‘Symbolic Love’

Take a break from reality with the soothing new track from City Park. 

City Park 2019

Named from the place of escape from an urban hustle and bustle, Amsterdam duo City Park are definitely going to lift you from the buzz of daily life with their mesmerising new track Symbolic Love. The track captures a tentative first date whilst breaking down ‘the special dynamics between two people getting to know each other’.

Influences from jazz and R&B swirl together, and paired with breezy falsetto, it’s an almost sinful indulgence into a sweet, honey-like soundscape. Effortless guitar licks and self-assured bass lines only add to the tantalising nature of the track, as smooth vocal lines float on top of a bed of funky rhythms. The duo is completely charming without coming across as overly-sweet, and their music is definitely one that will satiate your every desire.

Working with Germany-based artist Tatjana Prenzel, the pair mentions that she’s creating bespoke artwork that ‘fits the feeling of our music – warm and minimalist. On top of that it feels like there’s always something going on outside the frame which really struck us.’ The emphasis on visuals is heavy, as City Park work with independent artists to create pieces accompanying each track, and they explain how it ‘offers new perspectives and places the music in a broader context too. There’s a lot of parallels in emotion conveyed by colour in visual arts and sound in music, and we hope there’s mutual inspiration in combining these.’