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Live: TROYE SIVAN // Eventim Apollo, London

Bringing his UK headline run to a close, Troye Sivan swept the whole of Eventim Apollo off their feet in true pop megastar style.

With legions of dedicated fans all around the globe and a significant voice in the LGBTQ community, Troye Sivan has become a phenomenon in the music world. Releasing banger after banger and teaming up with Charli XCX, Ariana Grande and LAUV, just to mention a few, he’s certainly one of the hottest names on the scene right now. People simply adore him. Well, it’s hard not to.

Oozing with an undeniable charm and effortless grace, Troye Sivan was born to be a performer. Dancing his way from one side of the stage to the other, he treated us to a wonderful and dynamic set that must have woken up even the darkest parts of West London – blame the crowd for that, because the screams never stopped.

Bathed in rainbow-coloured lights, the live show seamlessly mirrored the vibrancy and thrill of Troye’s entire catalogue. With multiple stage arrangements, numerous changes of attire and a full band accompaniment, the effort everyone put in to that performance was truly admirable.

Appearing in front of the red curtain, Troye opened the set with a more down-tempo version of Seventeen. In spite of the loud cheers that ricocheted off the walls in an instant, he continued to stand by the mic throughout the whole song allowing the melodic warmth to fill up the room. However, that mood quickly altered as the curtain went up and revealed the dazzling stage design.

Jumping straight into the title track of his 2018 sophomore album, Bloom, the sultry beats and enticing vocal harmonies worked as a trigger on the audience. Developing a tangible connection with the crowd, Troye shared many personal stories throughout the evening. After a short speech about coming out, he served us “the song that’s changed his life” – Heaven – which sparked with its dark electronics and swaying rhythm and was accompanied by a lighting composition designed to reflect the LGBTQ colours. Stunning.

Holding the crowd in the palm of his hand at all times, Troye gracefully brought along the burning passion in Lucky Strike alongside the heart-melting choir-like singalongs in WILD. Absolute fan-favourite i’m so tired… made the whole crowd dance and sing their lungs out.

Despite the ease with which he sold out the iconic 5k cap London theatre Eventim Apollo, Troye was genuinely overwhelmed with the crowd’s reactions, trying to take it all in. Saying he was panicking before the show because of the number of people, he finally admitted: “This is one of the most special shows, I swear. I’m not scared of London anymore”.

Changing the scenery in the middle of the set and taking things down a notch, we watched him sitting down on a couch accompanied by a guitarist and a female vocalist. Following the heart-wrenching ballad Postcard, Troye opened up about his love life and breakups and said: “Are you guys feeling like getting a little bit depressed? I can help with that. I’ve got this devastating song. I’m here to help”. Shimmering with an acoustic composition, The Good Side truly hypnotised as it channelled the emotional charge creating one of the most special moments that night.

Bringing the energy back on track, nostalgia-inducing 1999 hit us with its hook-laden melodies which made the track irresistible and impossible not to dance to. When Dance To This was added in to the mix, it only felt like the fun was about to begin, not end, as the big finale hung in the air.

“Anyone wants to say anything? Engagements? Divorces? Now is your chance”, joked Troye. The chatty and witty traits of his character continued to surface in between the songs as we were heading towards the end of the show. With YOUTH and My My My! rounding off the set, the enthusiasm was utterly palpable, rocking sky-high.

With two studio albums to his name and countless collaborations with other artists, Troye Sivan has already cemented his position as one of the most exciting acts in pop music. Beaming with glamorous charisma full of youthful charm and elegance, his stardom is unquestionable and set on a trajectory that will only go up. Despite being in his early twenties, this is a man who not only knows what he’s got and where he’s going, but he simultaneously invites you along for the ride. And that’s what his shows are all about.

Photos: Kasia Osowiecka