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Live: LANY // O2 Academy Brixton, London

Bringing Cali sunshine to O2 Academy Brixton on a gloomy winter day, LANY easily warmed up the hearts of the London crowd with their dazzling set.

With more than 75 dates across the globe, LANY‘s ‘Malibu Nights World Tour’ was sure to dominate the world in 2019 from the moment it was announced. Bearing in mind the band’s special relationship with London, it was only a matter of time until they made their way back to this side of the Atlantic.

Despite the fact that they have played the capital on numerous occasions, the scale of their performance exceeded everyone’s expectations, and no one could diminish the achievement of selling out the iconic 5k cap O2 Academy Brixton. Filled to the brim with a buzzing energy and a restless crowd, last week’s show was a true testament to LANY’s heavenly aesthetics, cementing their position as one of the most exciting acts on the scene.

Oozing with pure excitement and an undeniable charm, the band took us for a ride through all stages of love and heartbreak in their energetic set. With their signature dreamy alt-pop formula, opener Thick And Thin quickly set the mood, hypnotising us with its infectious beats and passionate vocal harmonies. Sliding into the dance-y soundscapes of Good Girls and yea, babe, no way, LANY had the whole of O2 Brixton up on their feet in an instant.

Taking the stage design to the next level, the mirroring floor and glassy piano made quite a pairing with the dazzling lighting patterns and flickering imagery projected on a massive two-level stage platform. With red roses flying towards the band from the very first note – a nod to the previous album cycle – the feeling of nostalgia pierced right through, emphasising LANY’s aesthetics once more.

Intertwining the songs from their back catalogue with more recent material, it was a stunning spectacle of kaleidoscopic visuals and blissful melodies. Making us feel like the summer had never ended, the band dropped us straight into the sun-soaked sonics of 4EVER! and Made In Hollywood, which was a true blast from the past and saw frontman Paul Klein stage diving and falling into the arms of the eager crowd. “This is the best night of my life”, he said, trying to take it all in.

In one second, we swayed our hips to the sultry beats of Hurts, Run and Valentine’s Day, which effortlessly brought the band’s passion and honesty to the forefront. In the next, we were totally losing it to their post-breakup anthem If You See Her and delightful sparkling guitars in The Breakup.

Gliding through the absolute fan favourites Super Far and mesmerising pink skies, it set hearts racing and walls trembling. The piano ballad Malibu Night rounded off the main set, demonstrating the band’s knack for creating truly tender moments.

Returning for a highly demanded encore, Thru These Tears filled up the room with sentimental hooks which were sure to get stuck in your head for days. And as we were dancing our way till the very end, ILYSB delivered the last punch with its euphoric beat and a confetti rain.

LANY have their way of seizing you in a sun-kissed summer dream, the kind you wish you’d never wake up from. Whether you’re falling in or out of love, you can always count on them to compose the perfect soundtrack to your life. Having played massive festival stages and arenas, it is clear now more than ever before that LANY’s phenomenon is about to take over the world. The ‘moon era’ has already proved them ready to claim their global stardom after all.

Photos: Kasia Osowiecka