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SUNS UP Share New Track ‘Just Because’

Glittering and sun-soaked melodies that will become an earworm? Sounds like an adequate description of the newest track from Suns Up, Just Because.

Suns Up 2019

Indie quartet Suns Up is back with their third ever track Just Because. Following the release of Love You Back and Stay last year, Just Because continues in a similarly catchy vein and will make you forget (for a brief second) that we’re not actually in warm summer weather yet. With woozy lyrics that will touch you with their candid honesty, the velvety delivery of these words will only make you enjoy the dulcet tunes more. Effervescing with pop tambourines and a bouncy energy, you won’t be able to get enough of this dazzling slice of indie-pop.

Frontman Dave explains how the track came to life, saying:

We had an idea which we kept coming back to at rehearsals. I had an opening line and a melody that I really liked, but the rest took time to get right. I’m not a very open person, but I find in my music that I am. This song turned out to be quite personal to me about someone close and I wanted the music to do justice to that.