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CROWN THE EMPIRE Share Explosive New Track ‘Sudden Sky’

The newest track from Crown The Empire takes the frenetic riffs that fans are used to and pushes it up a further notch.

Crown The Empire 2019

Rockers Crown The Empire have long established themselves as masters of theatric and soaring melodies, coupled with dramatic lyricism, but latest track Sudden Sky pushes the intensity even further just when you thought you’ve seen them at their height.

A mixture of obliterating heavy riffs and emotive vocal lines, you’re given space to feel every inch of emotion being expressed whilst the menacing snarls of the low guitars and the machine gun-like drumming come for you and leave you with nowhere to hide. Seamlessly moving between impassioned clean vocals and guttural growls, an explosive chorus of pounding drums doesn’t sugarcoat the message of the track; highlighting the futility of human nature in the words ‘we’re here for a moment, then buried below’, the track progresses into a call to arms to connect with your human emotions and cut through all the static.

Frontman Andy Leo says of the track:

Sudden Sky is a call to push back on the conformity forced upon us by the world and the realisation that the only solution to the artificial white noise surrounding us is genuine human connection that can help us reach the full potential of what we’re all capable of.