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JOHN FLOREANI Announces Debut Solo Album ‘sin’

A first taste of it comes in the form of flourishing single Echoes.

john_floreani_2019John Floreani, more commonly known as the front man of Trophy Eyes, is set to release his first album sin on June 7th via Hopeless Records. Acting as the follow up to his previous EP Terrace, it’s sure to be a continuation of John’s own musical explorations as he allows his wide-ranging inspirations to come to the forefront. Delving into personal experiences and heavy-hearted topics of addiction and heartache, John mentions, “This project serves as an authentic, deep knee jerk reaction to the shallow lyrical themes of modern pop.”

John’s newest single Echoes is lifted from the album, and it’s a swelling track packed with larger-than-life melodies and expansive harmonies. From dramatic suspended cymbals to the docile plucking of an acoustic guitar, you can almost feel yourself being swept off your feet physically as the rich chorus crashes in with its vivid sonic texture. John’s soaring vocals are given the space to shine and take centre stage amongst whispery high strings and cinematic electronics, all of which contribute to the rousing nostalgia underlying the track. The visuals for the track follow a story of romance, and tell the heartwarming narrative between a couple through DIY footage, scenes of stolen kisses and shared moments.

John says about the track:

Echoes is about the memories, love and emotion one leaves behind in a home after moving on. My partner and I lived in North Sydney for a while, and when she moved back to Texas, I had to go and clear the house of our furniture and belongings. As I walked through the house, I could see her dancing in the kitchen, drinking wine on the couch and inviting me to bed from the hallway.

John Floreani album 2019


1. Oh Brother
2. Don’t Wait Up
3. Echoes
4. Cocaine
5. Ugly Love
6. Before The Devil Knows I’m Dead
7. Repent
8. I Don’t Want To Be Here Either