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JOHAN Shares Nostalgic New Single ‘Fifteen’

Do you ever wish you could turn back time to when you were younger? You’re not alone in the feeling – Johan muses upon this in his newest single Fifteen.

johan_2019The backstory to Johan is definitely one worth telling, even if his stunning music can speak for itself. Trained classically as a composer and self-taught pianist, he began receiving commissions from orchestras and ensembles around the world when aged merely 16, and has a whole host of accolades under his belt including the American Academy of Arts and Letters’ Charles Ives award and two degrees in composition from Yale. But it all began to change in 2010 when he was introduced to Kanye West’s symphonic album ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ while on acid at a house party in the suburban Massachusetts town where he grew up. And that’s where he began to be inspired to teach himself how to write and produce contemporary songs.

Time skip to now, and we’re treated to the absolute earworm called fifteen. Brooding in its hazy feeling and tinged with just the right amount of bittersweet nostalgia, Johan’s raspy vocals are simply the cherry on top of the treat. A breathy falsetto takes over the chorus, as Johan begs you to ‘tell me that we’re never getting old’.

Explaining the track further, he says:

In Fifteen, I was reminiscing about a time when I was younger and aimlessly fucking around in Boston. I often wish I could get back to that feeling of being carefree and directionless, just hanging with friends, getting high, riding the train in and out of the city with little concern about the future. But it’ll never be quite like that again for me or my friends because we all have real responsibilities now. And we just have to be fine with that.