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WILDES Unveils Encapsulating New Single ‘Circles’

Honesty has never sounded so gorgeous and breathtaking as WILDES’ newest track Circles.


London-based WILDES is sure to gently cradle your feelings in her palms with latest single Circles.

With an expansive soundscape to match the delicacy of her vocals, the exquisite beauty of the track will simply transport you to a place of warmth. Honest undercurrents in the lyricism allow you to appreciate the track even more for its truthfulness and rawness, and as cinematic drums pound around you and build the texture up, you’ll feel your heart swelling alongside it.

WILDES expresses:

Circles is a song written about getting lost in the familiarity of a failing relationship. It’s far easier to go through the motions than to admit to yourself that you are unhappy, so you continue, avoiding confrontation and living on the boundaries of that relationship. Something that was once beautiful becomes ugly, warped and toxic.

Ella Walker, the singer-songwriter behind the WILDES project, is planning on releasing her debut album in the autumn of this year, which will act as a portrayal of not only the world around us, but also serve as a window into her own life. Explaining more on the tracks forming the album, she says, “These songs are a study on relationships – of my own, of my friends and loved ones. The emotional turmoil that goes hand in hand with any investment of the heart; the addiction, the fear, but also the lessons we learn and the love we receive along the way. Through writing, I ended up examining my own feelings, my irrationality and my friendships.”

She will be playing a headline London show at the Servant Jazz Quarters on June 3rd, and tickets will be available from April 22nd onwards.