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FALSE ADVERTISING Release New Single ‘You Won’t Feel Love’

After two EPs and dozens of singles, the Manchester band have released their new song You Won’t Feel Love.

False Advertising 2019

Three-piece False Advertising have reportedly finished work on their debut full length album and have given us a taste in the form of their first release in over a year. The release consists of a three and a half minute long song accompanied by a music video. At first listen, You Won’t Feel Love sounds like an upbeat song, but when you zero in on the lyrics they show a different picture. As singer and guitarist Jen Hingley puts it:

The song is about calling out people who are happy to tell you everything is alright when deep down you know everything is not really alright. You’d maybe be forgiven at first listen for thinking it was a happy and upbeat song, but lyrically it’s more about being honest with yourself, rather than papering over the cracks out of convenience.

The theme is represented in the visuals by a sweet-looking pink and red lollipop slowly being melted to the ground. Simple but effective.

The band has also announced that they will be playing a free London show at The Old Blue Last on June 3rd, before heading to 2000trees and Truck Festival and supporting Jamie Lenman on his tour.