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TAME IMPALA Releases New Single ‘Borderline’

Conveying feelings of uncertainty, the newest single from Tame Impala sees the Perth musician doing some self-reflection.

Tame Impala 2019

When Patience came earlier this year as the first new material in four years, it hinted at a potentially different sonic direction than the psychedelic rock we associate with Tame Impala, and newest single Borderline only builds upon what was teased to us. Chilled-back and blissful, you can almost close your eyes and imagine yourself in the middle of a yacht, lying in the sun, as you listen to the track. Flourishes of House-inspired instrumentation definitely help with creating this feeling, and there’s a touch of exoticness as a pan flute adds its own embellishments in the chorus.

Synths and bass all blur into each other on this newest track to create a swirl of brooding emotion and introspection that gently washes over you. With the signature call and answer in the chorus that listeners are accustomed to, it doesn’t matter how far you float with Tame Impala on this bed of pleasure because no matter how far you go, you’re always brought back to familiar ground. As he sings ‘we’re on the borderline, caught between the tides of pain and rapture’, you’ll definitely find yourself leaning towards the latter option with this track.

Tame Impala will play two UK shows this summer: The O2 in London on June 8th and Empress Ballroom in Blackpool on June 24th.