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TORA Share Two New Videos for ‘Morphine’ and ‘Can’t Buy The Mood’

The dual videos from Tora offer you two different perspectives following a simple decision; stay, or go. 

Tora 2019

Australian band Tora unveils two new singles and videos in the form of slow-paced Can’t Buy The Mood and more upbeat Morphine, showcasing the diverse sonic range of the band. Both are tantalizing teases of the band’s upcoming sophomore album Can’t Buy The Mood, which is set for release on August 9th.

Connecting the two singles through their videos, the opening premises are identical; a character is presented with the choice of staying or going. The two videos explore each option in turn, highlighting a split world and representing our conflicted human nature when faced with a decision, and the consequences that ensue from our choices.

Whilst Morphine will guide you into a hypnotic world of strobes and discos with its enthralling beats and ardent lyricism, Can’t Buy The Mood sees this euphoric mood being deflated into a more somber, melancholic reflection on heartbreak. The dizzy high of Morphine leaves your head spinning and your heart thumping, but the juxtaposition of this against the heart-wrenching Can’t Buy The Mood really drags you back down to the ground; more importantly, it highlights the diversity of Tora’s sound and showcases them as an incredibly versatile band you ought to keep your eye on.

Returning to the choice presented at the beginning of both music videos, our decision is clear; we choose to stay, especially if it sounds as good as the music from Tora. You simply can’t get enough of it.