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Band Of The Week // GIANT ROOKS

With a knack for writing utterly captivating melodies, Giant Rooks’ sophomore EP is the perfect soundtrack to get you into the mood for the approaching festival season. 

Giant Rooks 2019

German art-pop outfit Giant Rooks have that kind of feel-good energy in their music that reminds you why you love music so much in the first place. Their sophomore EP Wild Stare certainly stands testament to their ability to deliver hefty choruses that will charge you up and leave you buzzing with energy, especially with the likes of title track Wild Stare, which will have you clapping along to the thunderous rhythm, and 100 mg, with its incendiary energy and belting chorus that will be stuck in your head for days to come.

Elsewhere on the EP, King Thinking takes on a more pensive mood, slowing the tempo down so you can join the band as they ponder ‘why should I stay here?’ Finale Went Right Down packs an equal punch in both its rumbling percussion and the potency of emotions in the lyricism. Despite the uncertainty being sung about, there’s a certain sense of adventure and liberation to be found in the rousing choral cries and a sense of purpose can be felt behind the piano accompaniment.

To tie in with the EP release, the band has also shared the visuals for 100 mg. The video sees a crew trying to capture the ‘perfect video’ for the band and getting twisted up in some odd perspectives along the way, until the end when the roles are no longer as clear cut and the crew are on screen whilst the band are behind the camera.

In tandem with their releases, we caught up with the band to ask more about both and how the choral part in Cara Declares War came about by pure chance.

What’s a motto you live by?

Live and let live! 

What’s your ultimate dream?

Writing music and playing concerts together for ages!

If your sound had a colour, what colour would it be and why?

A twist of orange and red – it’s a bittersweet colour.

If you could set the EP to a movie, which movie would it be the soundtrack to?

Ben Is Back! 

Can you explain the underlying themes of the EP?

We want it to be a comment on the time we’re living in – but in an abstract way creating a somehow surrealistic dream world. 

How does the video for 100 mg tie in with the song?

The director and the film crew in the music video keep searching for the perfect shot – the perfect idea for a music video. The crews’ state of mind in the music video somehow fits in with the lyrics.

Do you have any behind-the-scenes stories for either the recording of the EP or the making of the video that you could share with us?

For the video, we worked together with our friend and director Sander Houtkruijer again. He’s a legend and we love his style and previous work! And again we worked with Heidemarie (playing the director). She’s an adorable person, a perfect cast for the role of the director.

For the recording of the EP, Fred recorded the choir for Cara Declares War during a stay on a Greek island. He was rambling through the streets of Korfu City and suddenly noticed that hypnotic singing which later ended up building the fundament for the short interlude!

And finally, a slightly cliché question but what does music mean to you?

Honestly everything. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world. That’s also slightly cliched, but also very true!

Be sure to catch the band on one of their upcoming live dates.


03 – Liverpool Sound City, Liverpool

04 – Live at Leeds, Leeds

05 – Hit The North, Newcastle

07 – Gorilla, Manchester

08 – The Louisiana, Bristol

09 – Hoxton Bar & Grill, London

10 – The Great Escape, Brighton