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LANY Unveil Video for ‘okay’ feat. Julia Michaels

LANY and Julia Michaels hit a roller skating rink in their new visuals for okay.

LANY okay 2019

Masters of aesthetics, LANY unveil new video for their sparkling post-breakup anthem, okay feat. Julia Michaels.

Shot entirely on film, the video oscillates between light and dark tones, taking us on a journey from the sunny beach to a dimmed roller skating rink. Hinting at their album Malibu Nights, the disco ball seems to be representing the band’s moon motif, whilst the ocean and the night sky set a melancholic mood. It’s not all so depressing though. Nailing their dreamy alt-pop formula once more, the track surely will soothe your broken heart as well as it’ll make for an instant hit on a dance floor. Heartbreak hurts, true, but damn does it sound good.

In the band’s newsletter, Paul explains:

while we were home between the south american and north american tours, we shot a music video for “okay.” mighty ducks 2 is one of the best movies ever, and i’ve been trying to incorporate roller blades into a video since we started this band basically. so, bang bang.

we shot the whole thing on film – started at 4pm and i think i got home around 6am lol. music videos are a lot of work, but we gotta keep y’all fed. and making beautiful things for you is literally my favorite thing in the world to do.

i hope you love it. i hope you’re proud of it. i hope i have you with me forever.

LANY are currently in the midst of their extensive world tour. See the dates below.

LANY tour 2019