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OSCAR SCHELLER Shares New Track ‘Interstellar Disco’

It’s time to strap on your dancing shoes for the buoyant new track from Oscar Scheller.

Oscar Scheller 2019

London based Oscar Scheller returns with his newest single Interstellar Disco, ahead of his sophomore project HTTP404 which is set to be released later this year. Speaking more about it, Oscar says:

I’ve been gone for a minute, trying to find myself, and I think I did. I also found a lot of friends along the way.  What you’re looking for may not exist how you think it does. It may not even be what you thought it was either. HTTP404 is where I’ve been. But now I’m back online with good enough WiFi and a heart full of love.

With blasts of synths and a cheery melody, it’s pretty much impossible to resist the feel-good vibes that permeate Interstellar Disco. Between the docile voice of PAWWS and the rich tone of Oscar’s vocals, the octave harmonies are irresistible and you’ll want to dance the night away.

Despite the cheery sonics of the track, the inspiration for the track arose from a not-so-bubbly place. Oscar explains:

The day I wrote it was probably one of the hardest days of my life and it means something very special to me. Luckily I was writing with Lucy (PAWWS) who is a musical soulmate and the perfect dance partner. We found a bittersweet escape. It’s there when you need it.

It’s a song about a two friends meeting at a fantasy location called the Interstellar Disco. It’s a place you go when the sky feels too low and the universe feels too big and you just wanna forget about everything and dance like Napoleon Dynamite.

Catch Oscar live at his London show on July 12th at Omeara.