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GEOWULF Looks Inwards with New Single ‘I See Red’

The introspective single I See Red marks a resounding comeback single from Geowulf.


Hailing from Australia but currently based in London, Geowulf brings their newest offering in the form of I See Red, a reflective comeback track that will make you pause upon your own daily bustling and ease some of the strain from your shoulders. The track also doubles as the first collaboration with their new writing partner Justin Parker, with whom they worked together with for their upcoming sophomore album My Resignation, which will be released in October.

Frontwoman Star Kendrick explains:

I See Red was written after an argument with my sister. The song was a realisation that you are only ever your most raw, horrible self when you’re with the people you love to death and who love you.

I have been very proactive over many years in going to therapy, talking openly about mental health and have constantly taken steps to control emotions, moods and even my temper – having a family history of mental illness, this is something my siblings and I have had a lot of awareness about.  This song is about that process and what I’ve learnt. The ebbs and flows of trying to be the best version of yourself.

You can catch the band on their headline show at London’s The Waiting Room on June 11th.