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PHOEBE GREEN Unveils Visuals for ‘Dreaming Of’

The retro-tinged Dreaming Of receives an equally retro visual makeover and it’s every bit as dreamy as one could have imagined.

Phoebe Green 2019

Manchester’s Phoebe Green may have only released one single in the form of Dreaming Of, but it’s clear that this young woman is only at the beginning of an exciting journey ahead. The single is a dreamy slice of indie-pop that almost transcends the constraints of daily life with its ethereal synths and lulling vocal line, whilst a hypnagogic snare patters away gently. The lyricism will bring you right back down to earth though, as Phoebe tackles the heavy topic of self-worth and how we determine it.

Explaining the track, Phoebe says:

I think being a young person today it’s so easy to let the way others perceive you determine your self worth. The past few years I have felt the need to change the way I behave in order to appease others, to fit into a box and to be compliant. I no longer want to dumb myself down or be a lesser version of myself so that I’m easier to digest, and Dreaming Of is a passive aggressive, sugarcoated representation of that.

The accompanying Harvey Frost-directed visuals are just as lush as the track. Between otherworldly cotton-candy clouds and full-body mirrors, it’s a sleek video that completely embodies the feeling of the track. Phoebe speaks of the video:

Creating the video truly was a dream; working with a team of such wonderful, creative young people made me feel dead empowered and listened to. Harvey Frost really brought my retro teen dream to life and I cannot believe how beautifully it materialised! It honestly could be more of an accurate portrayal of every single thing I wanted my first music video to be aesthetically. I’m in love with it!

Catch Phoebe on one of her upcoming tour dates.


21 – Central Library, Liverpool

22 – Central Library, Coventry

23 – Huddersfield Library, Huddersfield