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YELLOW DAYS Unveils Groovy New Tune ‘Just When’

Wavy beats set the tone for the honest new single from Yellow Days. 


George van den Broek, aka Yellow Days, shares his heartfelt newest single Just When, which was recorded in Los Angeles. An upgrade from his garden shed in Surrey where he first began producing music at 16, it’s no surprise that his soulful music has chimed with many to bring him this far and his newest track follows in very much the same honest vein. Talking about his introspective inspiration, George says:

I can talk about my feelings ‘til the sun goes down with my friends…I love to just assess my own human condition; why I act a certain way.

He further explains:

The reason why I make music is to understand myself and the world around me. The whole point of Yellow Days is to be a project about youth. It’s all about being young and having this overwhelming sense of emotion, this confusion, all heading towards an eventual goal of happiness. It’s all about the hope within.

These values permeate throughout Just When, where a confusion and struggle between pessimism and optimism show themselves through lyrics such as ‘just when I think that everything’s ok, a cloud comes along and it pours with rain’. A funky beat sets the accompaniment, creating a sense of freedom for George to take the track wherever he wishes to, and the guitar line breathes a sense of excitement and electricity into the track.

Catch George live on his upcoming London live date on October 17th at AMP @ Jazz Cafe.