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LXANDRA Releases Spellbinding Visuals for ‘Swimming Pools’

With a sprinkle of magic on top, the new single from Finland’s Lxandra is an uplifting  journey to a dreamy pop wonderland.

Lxandra 2019

Swimming Pools is taken from Lxandra‘s forthcoming debut EP, Another Lesson Learned, due on October 25th.

Inspired by her inner child and imaginative spirit, Lxandra shapes a stunning narrative in her new single. Encouraging you to always stay true to yourself and be grateful for what you have, she sends a life-affirming message which showcases a strong sense of maturity and wisdom beyond her years.

Full of youthfulness and innocence, the piano-led track is a blend of subtle percussion and spine-tingling beats, with Lxandra’s distinctive vocals embracing the introspective theme of the lyrics with such ease. Balancing on the verge of reality and a fantasy world, the video adds a new quality to the song. With a pastel colour palette reflecting the melodic bliss, it simply is an aesthetic visual masterpiece.

Speaking about the video, Lxandra explains:

We wanted to create this innocent and child-like world that combines imagination and reality for the video. I let the inner child in me show and I danced like nobody’s watching in front of the whole video team which felt very freeing. We wanted to create a visual that really supports the positive part of the message in the song that happiness really is in those little things and sometimes all you need is a little imagination. You don’t need a crown to be a queen.