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KWASSA Shares Joyful New Video for ‘good life’

Playful rhythms, an array of colours – what’s not to love about the newest video and single from kwassa?

kwassa 2019

London’s kwassa, real name Scott Verrill, is back with another infectious pop tune. Except this time he’s brought in more of the funky beats and glittering melodies, ensuring that there’s no way you feel any bad feelings when listening to it. With sunny vocals piercing through layers of afrobeat-influenced syncopation and effervescent electronics, just let the track show you the good life for a euphoric 3 minutes.

Explaining more about it, Scott says:

I wrote ‘good life’ when I was leaving my teens, and wanted to write songs about life rather than love. This is still relevant to how I work now; I think the feeling of escapism never grows old or difficult to relate to. It made sense to enlist Lostboy for production because he produced the last EP, and I really wanted to sonically glue this new track to that release as close as I could.

The video for the track further plays upon the vibrance of it, with glitchy animation and a spectrum of Wes Anderson-esque colours. Scott mentions of the video:

The writing of ‘good life’ was all based around rhythm and a pulse, so we wanted to play around with loops and stop motion to make the footage feel kind of like a chopped up beat. we shot it on the hottest day of the year so we tried to just have a bit of fun with it and not stick to a plan.