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BEING AS AN OCEAN Share Moving New Track ‘Find Our Way’

Monumental and anthemic, Find Our Way expands the bigger-than-life presence that Being As An Ocean take on their upcoming album.

being_as_an_ocean_2019There’s already so much to be excited about with the upcoming album from Being As An Ocean from what we’ve already seen with Play Pretend, yet their newest release Find Our Way has managed to push the level of anticipation even higher. Whilst there’s still a slight period of waiting until Proxy: An A.N.I.M.O. Story gets released on September 13th, the colossal melodies of Find Our Way will be able to satiate thirsts until then. With purpose behind every guitar chord and unfiltered emotion in every lyric, the track takes on a life of its own and will doubtless act as a guiding hand to those who feel themselves getting overwhelmed by the thoughts that haunt our head.

Vocalist Joel Quartuccio explains of the track:

We have all encountered monsters in life and will all endure pain. I believe there is great comfort and healing to be had in the comprehension of this truth. That even with life’s suffering, there is almost unlimited potential for happiness and gratitude. We have time given to us, we are alive and breathing, we feel deeply, we can sense, we can experience joy and elation. I count these things as blessings.

The point of carrying on in this world is the living out of joy and purpose (essential elements in a person’s life) for one’s self and the cultivation of them in our communities. I believe that community, another essential element in life, is something that we are all built for and deserving of. We have always held each other so close as friends in this band and understand the importance of leaning into the support of loved ones. This song is a reminder to keep the faith and trust the goodness and strength of those you keep close. The music community became the biggest joy in my life and informed my purpose, so if this song uplifts at least one music-lover, then it’s done its job.

You can catch the band on the following live dates.


03 – Nottingham, Rescue Rooms

04 – Manchester, Club Academy

05 – London, Islington Assembly Hall

06 – Glasgow, Classic Grand

07 – Leeds, Key Club