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HALSEY Announces New Album ‘Manic’

It’s finally time for more music from Halsey.

Halsey 2019 - credit Aidan CullenAmerican songstress Halsey needs no introduction – her last two albums are able to do the talking for her, and let’s not forget the impressive list of accolades she’s racked up including the Hal David Starlight Award, a VMA, and two Teen Choice Awards. She’s about to unveil even more of herself, as she announces details of her third album Manic, which will be released on January 17th 2020. If that sounds like a bit of a wait, she’s shared a new track from the album, Graveyard, which will make the time pass quicker as you loop the infectious track on repeat.

Channelling a flutter of vulnerability, the delicate acoustic guitar opening sets a tranquil accompaniment to Halsey’s breathy vocals. As claps slowly build through the track, a slow gaining traction drives the urgency behind the lyricism. Brushing upon the theme of chasing one can get in love, there’s a yearning earnestness and dedication that underpins the track which one can only convey when they’ve had personal experience of it. Opening up her heart, it’s an introspective track that gives a glimpse inside the head of Halsey, and this tenderness makes the already-dulcet track just that little bit sweeter.

Halsey - Manic - album artwork