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JULIA CHURCH Shares New Single ‘Crawl’

Telling a narrative of clinging on to love, Julia Church’s new single hits you right in the feelings.

Julia Church 2019

South Africa’s Julia Church knows how it feels to be unready to let go of past love and shared history, and she transforms this familiar narrative into a personal new single with Crawl. Bringing a potent blend of honeyed vocals and lulling electronics, it’s an alluring sound that holds within its soundscapes the full scope of emotions lying at the core of the track. Brimming with feeling, the gentle swells of the track brings the sonics to life to create music that is deeply introspective yet understandable by many.

Speaking of the release, Julia says:

‘Crawl’ is my third single, which I produced with the super talented Ben De Vries. It’s an older one that I wrote at uni, while in quite a toxic relationship. It’s basically about being a rock to someone who is struggling and how it was so often at the cost of my own well-being.