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HEY VIOLET Share Video for ‘Queen Of The Night’

Alluring and dreamy, the newest video and track from Hey Violet is beckoning for you to dig your teeth into it.

Hey Violet 2019

Alt-poppers Hey Violet are back with another video and track in the form of Queen Of The Night, following the release of Better By Myself and Close My Eyes earlier this summer. The dreamy visuals follow lead singer Rena Lovelis through a party and late-night drive, whilst the wistful beats of the track set the accompaniment. Singing of past love, it’s a slow-building, yearning song that will tug at your heartstrings and bring comfort and empowerment to those healing.

The band says of the single:

this song is so special to us… the different stories and perspectives that have emerged from it… the feeling of nostalgia and new beginnings. this song hit us in a different way. since the very beginning, we’ve believed that being honest is the most important lesson you can learn. life is a process and nothing can truly be perfected in a day. but maybe today, we’ll start being a little more honest with ourselves. do whatever it takes to be the best version of yourself because there is no love like the love you feel when you finally realize the wonder you’re capable of. when you look in the mirror and finally tell yourself that you are better today than you were yesterday. to all of our queens n kings of the night. we love you