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MORNING MIDNIGHT Share Touching New Song ‘Hearts A Mess’

Morning Midnight’s new track will be a comfort to turn to for the times when our mind is racing and heart is pounding.

Morning Midnight 2019

Glasgow duo Morning Midnight shares their beautiful new offering Hearts A Mess, and it’s one of those magical pieces that will immediately smooth away your worries and soothe any burdens. Between the expansive accompaniment and calming vocals, it creates a space for you to forget your anxieties and just take in the ambient soundscape. Stunning and tranquil, it’s an introspective offering that unveils a poignant pondering upon themes of isolation and depression in its lyricism. Despite the heaviness of the topic, the intricate production makes the touch of the track feather-light, and there’s a glimmer of hope to be found in the words that make up the track.

Speaking of the track, the band explains:

It’s a song that talks about coping with the struggle of doubt and self-preservation that come with trying to pursue your dreams. It’s me battling internally with the feelings of isolation from the people I care for and questioning if I can go on. Listening to the verses the words might come across as bleak but the chorus intentionally both asks the question and answers it, ending with a feeling of resolution and hope.