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YOUNGER HUNGER Unveil New Single ‘Fangs’

Californian indie trio Younger Hunger have released new single Fangs which is a sleek, deep-cut banger.

Younger Hunger 2019

If you’re all about having a catchy chorus to sing along to, then Younger Hunger have you covered.

Tapping into that late-night indie vibe Fangs is the kind of song that is evocative of being out dancing in a crowded space and finding your eyes gravitating to one person, all the time, but being afraid to get any closer in case they see the real you.

Speaking of the song frontman Tony Davia says:

Fangs is about a person who leads a hedonistic, shady lifestyle. Chilling by the beach; smoking weed all day; living off quick cash and side hustles. His life is meaningless, but that all changes when he falls in love. He has something to live for! Now, he becomes obsessively paranoid that his new girl/boy is going to realize what a monster he is… that they’ll see his fangs.