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LXANDRA Unveils Video for New Single ‘Dip My Heart In Confetti’

Lxandra, the latest pop discovery out of Finland, released a catchy new single, Dip My Heart In Confetti, sure to be a favourite from the artist.


Dip My Heart In Confetti, co-written by fellow pop sensation Sigrid, is infectious and punchy and acts as a perfect introduction to the artist.

Speaking about the release, Lxandra explains:

It’s about that feeling when you try to force yourself to forget about something or someone, it works for one night maybe, but it’s not really useful in the long run. You just get caught up in a loop and never get completely out of it, your heart never heals. But sometimes it’s simply exactly what you need; dress up, get out, feel good for a moment and dip your heart in confetti.

The single builds anticipation for her upcoming EP Another Lesson Learned, set for release on October 25th. Lxandra says that the EP “represents different things I’ve went through in the past few years but all are about the lessons learnt.”

As evidenced by the self-directed music video that accompanies the single, Lxandra is an artist with clear creative vision and musical talent. The pink dreamscape she creates is perfect for the tune, and the distinct imagery in conjunction with the powerful musical arrangement sets the tone for Another Lesson Learned.