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TRUNKY JUNO Shares Blissful New Single ‘It’s A Trip’

Mesmerising and hazy, let the sweet sounds of It’s A Trip wrap around you.

Trunky Juno 2019

Lo-fi artist Trunky Juno is treating us with his glimmering new track It’s A Trip. Bringing in his own unique blend of psychedelic, swirling melodies sparkle with a nostalgia that harks back at 80s new wave and dream pop tendencies to create an irresistible temptation within the track. As the woozy melodies drift and whisper past your ears, feel yourself get lost and tangled within the funky beats and hypnotic tunes, all whilst the raspy voice of Trunky Juno gently guides you along in this almost extra-terrestrial journey.

Whimsical verses set the scene for certainly one of the biggest, most hard hitting and anthemic choruses that we’ve heard so far from Trunky Juno. Tearing through with a searing energy and layers of intertwined instrumentals, it’s a sonic wall that will hit you at full force, and an impact that will be fully welcomed. Lamenting on the tolls of modern daily life and melted cheese, it’s highly relatable and marks one of the more profound aspects of Trunky Juno’s songwriting thus far. With a quirky ending that sounds something akin to what I can only describe as a radio being switched off, the creativity of Trunky Juno flourishes in It’s A Trip and leaves much to be excited about in the future.

Trunky Juno will be playing a live set at The Cluny, Newcastle on November 27th.