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THE BLUE STONES Share Fun Video for ‘Shakin’ Off The Rust’

Anyone up for a bit of VR?

The Blue Stones 2019

In a not so distant future, we might have concerts via virtual reality headsets and experience all the thrills of a live show without leaving the comfort of our couch. At least, that’s the vision presented in the newest The Blue Stones video for Shakin’ Off the Rust, where the band hosts a concert in a virtual world, which takes a strange twist when drummer and vocalist Justin Tessier accidentally triggers a ‘random weirdness’ look for the band.

Talking of the inspiration and concepts behind the video, the band says:

We wanted to do something a little different this time around. We think it’s funny that someday — maybe sooner than we think — we won’t have to tour, but can do shows from wherever we want. The video gets a little crazy at times, but we had fun doing it.

The track certainly lives up to its name, with a dose of pulsating energy and driving an electrifying thrill with its lively guitar lines. Married with punchy percussion, the duo’s blend of blues, rock, a sprinkle of country and soul, and alternative creates a sound that is completely irresistible, and perfect for anyone feeling like they’ve just been reborn. The spine-tingling chorus is crafted exclusively for sing-alongs, and there remains no doubt that this is a track that can easily fill arenas and set everyone’s pulse racing.