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EDEN Unveils Stunning New Single ‘isohel’

isohel is yet another fascinating glimpse into EDEN’s unique sonic world.


Ahead of the release of his second album, no future, due out on February 14th, EDEN has treated us to captivating new offering isohel.

Just as a scientific definition of the word ‘isohel’ (a line on a map connecting points having the same duration of sunshine), the song captures the intangible nature of memory and light. Working wonders for our senses, a gentle guitar introduces Jonathon Ng’s crushing and passionate vocals, setting the sentimental tone throughout. Brooding, poignant, and ephemeral, isohel truly makes for a one-of-a-kind listening experience.

Speaking about the track, EDEN explains:

Isohel’s are lines on a weather map that connect all the areas that receive equal sunlight. Light and sunlight have been an odd obsession for me since I was a teenager; I’ve always felt like I was moving toward some unreachable horizon. The song ‘isohel’ is about wishing the best for the people you’ve left behind but knowing that you’re probably better off where you are now.

Filmed in Kazakhstan and directed by EDEN’s frequent collaborators Zhang + Knight, the isohel video features his lonely journey set in a purple and gold-tinted scenery.