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DRUG CHURCH Drop New Song ‘Bliss Out’

Rebel guitar riffs paired with raspy screams reveal a practical view on the hopelessness of human condition.

Drug Church 2020

If you appreciate Rage Against The Machine’s musical style but found it rather soft or lyrically too dramatic, Drug Church’s new song Bliss Out will finally tick all your boxes. Trading melody for unapologetically direct message relay, Patrick Kindlon’s aggressive vocals rise above the medley of staple punk guitar riffs, making you really listen to what he has to say. Throwing away any shred of compassion, he condenses in few but brutally honest words what it means to feel hopeless, overwhelmed by troubles and ultimately like a failure.

Kindlon shares of the track’s inspiration:

Ever have a run of bad luck so bad you wondered what god you offended? This song is about going to a fortune teller and having them tell you, ‘sorry, bro. Fairness left the building. Get under a desk because the nukes are inbound.