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GIRL IN RED Confirms That ‘kate’s not here’

Norwegian up-and-comer, girl in red, has graced our ears with her brand of mellow, head-bop-worthy indie-pop in new single kate’s not here.


The song, which is included on the soundtrack for the 2020 film ‘The Turning’, reminds us of girl in red’s dreamy, guitar-infused sound. The dreaminess paired with lyrics like “Who’s gonna check up on you tonight? / Will you be sleeping with open eyes? / Kate, don’t disappear” and a video that takes place in a very obvious don’t-go-in-there-it’s-for-sure-haunted house, make the kate’s not here experience a little bit spooky. It’s certainly channelling the thriller. Thankfully, her airy vocals serve as a solid distraction.

On the surface, it sounds like it was written for the film, it reads much deeper than that up close. kate’s not here is a ‘stay alive’ anthem disguised in colourful indie-pop. It’s haunted in a different way.

On how kate’s not here came to be, girl in red explained:

i made this song in the back of my tour bus, a studio in LA and on a bed in sydney. i like that the melody carries the song so much and think it slaps tbh.