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Lizzy Farrall Bruise 2020

Album Review // LIZZY FARRALL ‘Bruise’

Foraging her way through the muddy waters of female indie singers, Lizzy Farrall’s first full-length album, Bruise, makes her mark in the crowded landscape through a variety of pop, rock, and electronica styles. The 10-song record is deliberate in its execution, creating a record that

Honey Lung 2020

HONEY LUNG Share New Track ‘Juggle’

Channelling 90s alt-rock and grunge while managing to remain very much in this decade, Honey Lung’s newest single, Juggle, is a racketeering commentary on the tiresome juggling act of life. Returning with another single from their forthcoming EP, Post Modern Motorcade Music, indie alt-rockers Honey Lung

All Time Low 2020

ALL TIME LOW (Finally) Release ‘Getaway Green’

After nine months of anticipation and shaky cam quality videos, Baltimore’s All Time Low have released the studio recording of their upbeat and infectious tune, Getaway Green. It couldn’t have come at a better time. With the world spiralling into collective anxiety, Getaway Green is a

Palaye Royale 2019

PALAYE ROYALE Announce New Album ‘The Bastards’

As foreshadowing for their newly announced album, The Bastards, Palaye Royale have crafted a haunting piece that is equally parts harrowing and addictive with Lonely. Digging into the honesty box, Palaye Royale have outdone themselves with their latest single, Lonely. Despite touching on deeply personal