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Tennis Club 2020

TENNIS CLUB Release New Single ‘Morning’

In a striking debut, Tennis Club create a pretty array of optimistic acoustics and introspective lyricism on their song Morning. The duo made up of lifelong best friends Justin and Sam, Tennis Club have just started on their musical journey with Morning, but write and

Michaela Slinger 2020

MICHAELA SLINGER Debuts Video for ‘Tarot’’

On Michaela Slinger’s latest single, Tarot, evocative storytelling lends itself to captivating vocals, creating a crisp and clear message to the universe. Using vivid mentions of astrology and tarot cards, Michaela Slinger explains away unwanted thoughts on her latest track, Tarot. Lyrics like “I can’t face

SYNS 2020

SYNS Debut Electrifying New Single ‘Soul’

With their latest uplifting and raucous release, Soul, alternative pop-rock has a new ruler and their name is SYNS. Hailing from Sacramento, California, SYNS are not playing around with their newest single, Soul. The song focuses on themes like growth and being more than your past.

hazlett 2020

HAZLETT Wows With New Single ‘Karaoke’

Living to find beauty in the banalities of life, Hazlett has succeeded in doing just that with his latest release, Karaoke – spinning a peppy acoustic tune about friendship from a single night. Karaoke is a song for late nights and laughter, lounging with friends

Halsey Marshmello 2020

MARSHMELLO and HALSEY Drop Video for ‘Be Kind’

Since the charismatic and empowering collaboration between the two global superstars was released in early May, Marshmello and Halsey have garnered more than 175 million streams globally on their song, Be Kind. Combining Halsey’s unmistakable husky, bold tones with Marshmello’s soothing, hypnotic beats, the duo’s