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Zoe Moss 2020

ZOË MOSS Debuts New Single ‘The Goddess’

The Goddess is simultaneously sexy, hedonistic, and suave, bringing heavy-hitter Zoë Moss to a new level. Oozing confidence and sensuality, The Goddess is a track that reverberates in your soul. Zoë Moss’ sweet, breathy vocals capture the flirtatious danger of new romance. Dark and brooding

The Blackmordia 2020

THE BLACKMORDIA Morph Genres With New Single ‘XX’

XX makes a plush, genre-bending splash for France’s pop-rockers The Blackmordia. With their latest single, XX, The Blackmordia have landed somewhere between 80s glam and modern alt-pop. Guitars, synths, a solid beat, and an edgy vocal performance unite to define the band’s contemporary nostalgic sound

Anna Bea 2020

ANNA BEA Releases New Single ‘Cold’

Anna Bea’s sultry warmth is sure to chase away the autumn chill.    With each song that Anna Bea puts out you can hear her confidence as a musician growing. This confidence is more present and noticeable than ever with her latest single, Cold. Defiant chords