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DEVON Kicks off the Year With Brand New Single ‘BELONG 2 U’

Hailing from the Forest of Dean, Devon slaps us is the face with some sugary alt-pop goodness.  

devon_2020Taking us through all the waves of heartbreak, this tune’s bright melody pulls us on journey and becomes the glue to stick our broken hearts back together. Speaking of the lyrics, Devon says:

BELONG 2 U is quite personal like most of my tunes. It’s quite a selfish way of doing things but it’s the only way I can write anything that will stand the test of time. The song is written from someone else’s perspective looking in at me, switching it around and using phrases I hear from conversations I’ve had.

This DIY track is giving us essence of The 1975 but with a sweeter after taste; working with Tarek Musa, Devon goes on to explain:

The song started with just a small drum loop and acoustic guitar, before fully producing it bringing in Tarek Musa. It’s always a fun process seeing your ideas coming back to you 10 times bigger than expected. He’s very good at that.

Devon will be touring this summer, you don’t want to miss him!


02 – Live At Leeds

07 – Courtyard Theatre, London

08 – Castle and Falcon, Birmingham

09 – The Louisiana, Bristol


05 – Broadstone Festival