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HEBE Reveals Video for New Single ‘Out Of Sight’

Amsterdam’s rising electronic-pop artist, HEBE, opens up about her vulnerabilities with her new single, Out Of Sight.

Hebe 2020

The single is a sneak peek towards her debut album, Cards On The Table, that will be released in late 2020.

Out Of Sight encases soulful nuances with electronic overtones and sincere vocals to guide the listener into a blissful yet exposed dream state. The unique track explains a common feeling that is exchanged between partners and a vulnerability that should be celebrated not concealed. It’s “an open question about love and if it can survive long-distance”, as HEBE states. She uses inspiration from her current relationship status to explain the pain of uncertainty due to the physical absence of one another. “I was afraid to express my thoughts, fears, and expectations, so I wrote down all I wanted to say and that became Out of Sight”.

This is just the beginning for HEBE, from collaborations with Amersterdam’s multiple talents including award-winning producer Huub Reignders, drummer Martijn Bosman, pianist/vocalist Ruben Hein HEBE’s debut album will bring electro-pop combined with soul-influenced synths to speak her truth about her romantic journey.