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Artist Of The Week // NIA WYN

Baring her thoughts and feelings on her debut EP Love I Can’t Ruin, Nia Wyn shows that she is fully ready to take the UK music scene in her stride.


Growing up in North Wales, Nia Wyn’s upbringing doesn’t exactly make her the most typical candidate for one of the UK’s rising soul-crossover artists, yet she manages to cull her life experience into a wonderful and deeply emotive musical experience that is sure to strike a chord within the wider public. Unveiling her debut EP Love I Can’t Ruin, Nia unleashes her hooking vocals and story-telling lyricism to the world in a swirl of R&B-infused tunes that will grip onto you and remain as a catchy ear worm.

From finger-clicks to flute melodies, it’s a highly ambitious debut that is sure to set Nia on a rocketing upward trajectory. From the groovy opener 10 seconds, to acerbic Stay in Your Lane and the unashamedly honest Castaway, Nia dazzles in her songwriting abilities and with each song sounding distinctly unique, there will never be a second where you don’t feel wholeheartedly engaged with the body of work.

Speaking of the EP, Nia says:

I’m really excited to show everyone my first body of work. There’s a lot of emotions in this, for me there’s some anger in there; anxiety, vulnerability and finding safety/comfort in some places. etc. It’s hard sometimes being a young independent woman trying to make way in the music industry which influenced a few of the songs. There’s some darker moments in there when everything in the UK made me want to run away and hide. But there’s some lighter stuff too about falling in love, getting hot for someone and telling catcallers to fuck off.

Shedding light on her musical influences, Nia divulges:

When working on this project I had so many inspirations…just to name a few, Marvin Gaye, Esther Philips and Otis Redding, to Kehlani, Anderson Paak, The Soulquarians.

Completely captured by her charisma and impressive musical prowess, we got in touch with Nia to find out more about the exciting young artist.

What’s a motto you live by?

Trying to. ‘Your silence will not protect you’, courtesy of Audre Lorde.

If your sound had a colour, what colour would it be and why?

Black because I’m a misery guts.

If you could set Love I Can’t Ruin to a movie, which movie would it be the soundtrack to?

Girl Interrupted – the scene when they go to the ice cream shop.

What are you most excited about with the release of your debut EP?

I’m really excited to release a full project which I feel is a strong introduction to my artistry and what’s to come. In a way I’m probably most excited about what’s to follow, as making this EP has made me even more creative and I’m already recording and writing my next music.

What was the most unexpected part of recording your debut EP?

I think the unexpected and surprising things with making a debut project is the track listing. Initially I felt I had a strong idea of which songs I wanted to include in the EP, however when I recorded and worked on several tunes with Pat (producer), there were songs that I felt HAD to be on this EP over others which would be for another time and release.

Are there any behind-the-scenes stories of recording the EP that you can share with us? What’s your fondest memory of the process?

We had to shut Pat’s cat Otto out of the studio for a while whilst recording vocals because he kept meowing for an early dinner.

I think the fondest memory was probably how much I enjoyed working with Pat; as soon as we got down to working everything flowed which was a really nice surprise seeing as we were complete strangers – he had reached out to me at a time where I really wanted to get into the studio ASAP. So we did and then we didn’t know we were recording a debut EP until we were in the middle of it and it felt right!

You mentioned that you’ve sometimes found it difficult being a young independent woman in the music industry; how did you cope when these feelings crept upon you? Are there any females in the music industry that you particularly look up to? And if someone was experiencing the same emotions, what advice would you provide to them?

I’m absolutely shit at reassuring myself but I do my best, and I have a good team around me which I think is vital even at early stages of a career. If someone was in the same boat feeling that way, I’d say what I have to tell myself – that this thing is bigger than me so some things can be out of my control, but I have to give everything I’ve got and have tunnel vision in the sense that I should just focus on what I’m doing, that’s all that matters. You can only give it your all, and there are so many people who identify as women or non-binary who are feeling a similar way to me (which is easy to forget).

I find Little Simz really inspiring – she’s been grafting for years and is finally getting the accolades she deserves. She’s a brilliant musician and businesswoman. Princess Nokia, Kehlani and Angel Haze are also inspiring for me as they’ve been open in their mental health struggles, hardships in life, their queerness.

And finally, what does music mean to you?

As simplistic as it may sound, I don’t think I’d be still alive without it.

You can catch Nia live at the following dates.

May (with Paul Weller)

01 – Corn Exchange, Cambridge

02 – UEA, Norwich

04 – Winter Gardens, Margate

05 – Cliffs Pavillion, Southend

06 – New Theatre, Oxford

16 – Guildhall, Portsmouth