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NOT UR GIRLFRENZ Release Retro Video for ‘Game Over’

Not Ur Girlfrenz bring you a wholesome throwback to the golden age of pop-punk and teenage love with their new single Game Over.

Not Ur Girlfrenz 2020

Do you remember those evenings when you were a kid and watching movies about teenagers and their glorious high school days, with their picture perfect, American dream type stories of falling in love for the first time, having fun at the arcade and having your heart broken? Remember dreaming of the time when you’ll finally be old enough to live that life yourself and listening to early Avril Lavigne’s songs like ‘Skater Boy’ or playing Mario on that old white bulky computer? If yes, you’re in luck because Not Ur Girlfrenz will help you relive those feelings and get those goosebumps again, all condensed into their brand new four minutes long song GAME OVER. If not, don’t worry, your memory will be swiftly refreshed by this same song, accompanied by spot on retro visuals, so you’ll be sure to remember every detail and relieve those feelings by the end of the song too.