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Daily Archives: March 17, 2020

Half Moon Run - Roundhouse London - GIG GOER 2020

Live: HALF MOON RUN // Roundhouse, London

The countdown is over and Canadian indie rock quartet Half Moon Run return to London’s Roundhouse to end their ‘A Blemish In The Great Light’¬†world tour. It seems we’ve come full circle following their Roundhouse show almost exactly four years ago, which also happened to

EDEN - Roundhouse London - GIG GOER 2020

Live: EDEN // Roundhouse, London

Both visually and sonically captivating, EDEN delivers a one-of-a-kind live experience with his ‘Do You See Me?’ spectacle. Introducing original visual techniques throughout the set, the ‘Do You See Me?’ marvel made for a retrospective journey through EDEN‘s unique musical universe. It was an intimate