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HIGHLY SUSPECT Share Music Video for ‘These Days’

Highly Suspect unveil an exaggerated yet relatable picture of what a typical family dinner would look like if everyone unapologetically spoke their minds .

Highly Suspect press shot 2020

These Days is a highly versatile song in the sense that it can be rightfully attributed to any kind of dysfunctional relationship in which you feel misplaced and are ultimately exasperated by. The video manages to match this adaptability and no matter what your attitude is in such situations or who the other person is to you, you are sure to find a reflection of yourself and your opponent in this archetypal american family. Tony Cavalero lets each character get loose, thus allowing them to stay true to themselves and go through with their otherwise bottled up intentions and reactions. He condenses every person’s version of a ‘victorious’ narrative into one frame and during only a few minutes, it exposes the full spectrum of toxic relationship dynamics.

Speaking of the video,  frontman Johnny Stevens has shared:

I have this thing where I’m too close to my art. We are (Highly Suspect) and for as long as I can remember, difficult to really collaborate with, not because I’m a snob but maybe more so out of fear that somehow all of the hard work I put in will get bent into a shape I don’t find aesthetically pleasing. We’re getting better at letting other people into our tight knit community. When you find someone with as much passion as you, sometimes it’s worth giving it a shot. This time that man was Tony Cavalero (Dirt, The Righteous Gemstones, School of Rock). Tony has an incredible mind and a work ethic comparable to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He is also hilarious.