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YOUNG STATES Open up on New Single ‘Save Yourself’

Emotionally charged and broody, Young States share their introspective new track Save Yourself.

Young States 2020

Norwich-based trio Young States don’t shy away from grappling with the darker edges of our minds that can sometimes leave us paralysed, and transform these feelings into their visceral latest release Save Yourself. Vocals laced with emotion convey the desperation and agony that often accompany these heavy thoughts, and in doing so, the band creates an emotional catharsis for you to offload your burden onto the searing guitars and pounding drums. Interplaying harmonies contribute to the overall sombreness, whilst the slower tempo creates a feeling of weariness, reflecting the fatiguing effect that setbacks can have upon us.

Sharing more information on the track, guitarist and vocalist Libby Irons expounds:

‘Save Yourself’ is about some of the struggles we all face growing up, not being where you want to be in life, and dealing with mental health. It’s about acknowledging these setbacks and knowing that something has to change, and that it’s best to start with yourself, you need to ‘Save Yourself’.